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Open Letter to Ringwood Parents about Waivers

Dear Ringwood Parents: An email communication sent to you by Ringwood Board of Education dated May 4, 2020, grossly mischaracterizes a recent Memorandum from the Department of Education, “Parental Waivers for the Delivery of Remote or Virtual Special Education and Related Services.” Notwithstanding the DOE Memo’s actual title, Ringwood suggests that the DOE Memo was […]

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Follow-up to N.J. School Districts Weaponize COVID-19 Against Parents

A number of parents have asked us follow-up questions about our blog post about waivers.  Here are responses to the most common questions: What’s wrong with asking for a waiver? I think the district just wants to protect itself from parents suing them claiming that the services being provided are not good enough. The problem […]

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N.J. School Districts Weaponize COVID-19 Against Parents

Some New Jersey school districts are taking advantage of the vulnerability of parents of children with disabilities during the pandemic, by demanding a broad waiver of all legal liability in exchange for nothing more than providing the services required by the child’s IEP. Huffington Post has the full story, here. Would you sign a breathtakingly […]

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