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Civil Rights: Education, Open Government

Innisfree is a non-profit organization, certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a “pro bono entity” pursuant to N.J. Ct. R. 1:21-11(b), that assists families with children with disabilities in New Jersey in obtaining the best possible school experience, including but not limited to a free and appropriate public education. John Rue and Associates acts as independent legal counsel to help the Innisfree Foundation to further its mission through OPRA (Open Public Records Requests) to school districts to access to the requested records. This enables Innisfree to monitor the special education programs of the children of its constituents who are (or seek to be) classified as in need of special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C. 1400, et seq. to assure that New Jersey’s children with disabilities receive the education they deserve. To date, we have received decisions granting Innisfree access to government records (redacted of private student information at our request) in numerous localities that reveal services available to students in those districts and can assist parents in actively participating in the IEP process. John Rue & Associates is also representing Innisfree in several matters in the Appellate Division, relating to some courts’ decisions regarding the release of the requested documents.

John Rue & Associates also works with Innisfree’s constituents through its Low-Bono Program, a program designed to help New Jersey residents who make too much for free representation but not nearly enough to afford the expenses of protracted litigation. We are proud to participate in the Low Bono Program because we believe everyone has the right to superb representation.

Parents of L.M.

Civil Rights: Education, Open Government, Discrimination

John Rue & Associates is currently representing the parents of a 5th grade boy who has been a victim of bias harassment and bullying in school due to his non-conforming gender identity. Our goal is to assure that L.M. receives a safe and appropriate education from the school district. Because it is unlikely that a safe environment can be achieved in L.M.’s present school, we are working with the district to explore placement in a different school in the district or elsewhere. We are also assisting the parents in investigating the school’s handling of bullying reports and whether they are fulfilling their duties to their students and are in compliance with state law.

Keil Design & Construction

Business Dispute

Keil Design & Construction utilizes John Rue & Associates to defend and enforce contracts it has entered with individuals and other businesses. KDC is a privately-held Montclair (NJ) based home remodeling, design and engineering business, specializing in high-end renovations and projects.

Christopher Gallaway

Post-Judgment Custody Litigation

Partner Krista Haley has represented Mr. Gallaway since the commencement of his divorce action in 2006. Over the years, Ms. Haley has successfully represented Mr. Gallaway in gaining increased parenting time with his daughter from no overnights to the majority of parenting time, reducing, and then terminating, his child support obligation and compelling his ex-wife to repay him moneys she denied owing him . In fact, Mr. Gallaway’s ex-wife now is obligated to pay him child support. Whenever there is a significant dispute over the parties’ child, Mr. Gallaway first seeks advice from Ms. Haley before taking action.

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