Client Intake Process

Preliminary Consultation
We offer a thirty-minute initial consultation (which is free for special education matters and attorney referrals; there is a $100 fee for all other matters). We cannot offer legal advice, because we do not yet know enough about your case. But we can gather a preliminary understanding of the facts, and offer you a high level overview of the law that may apply. And we can also explain how it would work to proceed with us, i.e., at a Legal Needs Assessment, discussed immediately below.

Legal Needs Assessment
After a Preliminary Consultation, if a client would like to schedule an additional consultation for two to three hours, our fee for that second consultation is $595. At that meeting, two senior attorneys and a junior professional will generally attend. And at the end, we will be able to do two things that we cannot do on a preliminary call. First, we will be able to give you legal advice, including whether you need further legal services at this time. And if you do, we can offer (if you like) one or more of our alternative fee structures.

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