Traditional Hourly Billing

Clients always have access to our services (if we accept your case on the merits) billed at our ordinary hourly rates. Our attorneys bill at a rate of between $250 and $450 per hour. Our paralegals bill at a rate of $150 per hour, and interns bill at lower rates.

If a client wishes to engage us hourly, the client pays us a retainer equal to a particular number of hours (usually ten) at the hourly rate of the senior attorney who will work on the case. That retainer is deposited into the Firm’s trust account, where it continues to belong to the client, but is under the control of the Firm (similar to escrow when buying a house, or a security deposit when renting an apartment). The Firm may not draw that money out until it is earned. The Firm expects the client to make regular deposits to the retainer to maintain it at its initial level.

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