OPRA and Public Records

John Rue & Associates has litigated OPRA cases against school boards across the state of New Jersey, in the Appellate Division, and in the Supreme Court of New Jersey.  We represent the Innisfree Foundation in public records disputes, and have also represented individual parents seeking information from their schools.  In all, we have sued scores of school districts under OPRA, and obtained records numbering in the thousands, if not more.

If the Firm is convinced that you have a good OPRA case, we will litigate it for you without charge.  If we drafted the OPRA request for you, and the school has issued a written denial of the request, we will represent you in Superior Court without charge to you.  We will seek attorneys’ fees from the district if we win.  If we do not win, we will not be paid.  Only if we settle (which is always the client’s choice), and if you waive the right to attorneys’ fees as part of the settlement (also the client’s choice), you will become liable for any fees waived.

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